Integrated Holistic Physical Therapy Midtown NYC

Integrative Holistic Physical Therapy Midtown NYC

Getting injured is one of the most frustrating experiences that you can go through. When you become a victim of an injury, you will come across the need to recover as soon as possible. That’s where you can think about getting in touch with one of the physical therapists. A physical therapist can deliver much-needed assistance for you to overcome the frustrating consequences that you have to face with an injury.

Combining physical therapy with holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is gaining popularity all around the world as of now. Due to the same reason, you might wonder whether physical therapy belongs to holistic medicine or not. That’s because you can find numerous physical therapists who practice holistically. They include massage therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and nutritionists.

According to the definition of the American Physical Therapy Association, the main objective of physical therapy would be to optimize the function and movement of the body, which can help a person to enhance the overall quality of life. Physical therapists all around the world are trying to improve physical health. The main objective is to address the functional aspects associated with an injury or an illness. However, it is possible for you to call physical therapy a holistic approach if that is addressing the other aspects related to an issue, which are interfering with the ability that a person has to maintain quality of life.

Who can contact the Physical therapist?

Physical therapists are currently engaged in the process of providing treatments to a variety of injuries. Most of them combine approaches from holistic medicine to deliver assistance for the patients. In addition to that, they will be using the best physical therapy treatment options to offer personalized treatment options according to the nature of the injury that a person has gone through.

If you become a victim of any kind of an accident, including auto accidents, sports injuries, slip and falls and pedestrian accidents, you will be able to contact a physical therapist who practices holistic medicine. In addition to that, physical therapists who practice holistic medicine are in a position to provide assistance to people who are dealing with many other health issues such as vertigo, whiplash, migraines, dizziness, concussions, congestion disorder, muscle issues, and scoliosis. Even if you are suffering from long-term health conditions such as neck pain, back pain, ligament issues, and spinal disorders, you can receive quick treatment from them. These are just a few of the health conditions where the assistance offered by physical therapists would come into play. You will be provided with the chance to get treatments for many other conditions that you are dealing with as well.

When you are looking for physical therapists, you don’t need to do extensive research on the internet and look around for the options that are available. You can simply get the services offered by a Physical therapist. In addition to that, people who are looking for a physical therapist in Maryland and DC can also contact the experts at Physical therapist.

For example, assume that a patient is having headaches and neck pain. The reason can be stress, poor posture, or muscle tightness. This is where a physical therapist will be able to recommend strengthening exercises and stretching exercises, which can deliver proven results. Along with that, it would be possible for anyone to overcome headaches and neck pain naturally. Only a physical therapist who follows holistic medicine will be able to help you with that. Hence, you should specifically look for physical therapists who specialize in holistic care. This can deliver numerous outstanding benefits to you in the long run.



What are the services offered by Physical therapists?

Before you contact a physical therapist, it is worthy to take a quick look at the services that are available. Then you can make an informed decision and contact them. You can also have a clear understanding of what you will be able to receive at the end of the day.

  • Chiropractic adjustments

If there is a dislocation of joints, you will have to experience unbearable pain. A physical therapist will help you to overcome this pain through chiropractic adjustments. You will be able to receive a relatively quick relief with it.

  • Flexion-distraction

Flexion-distraction is one of the most common approaches used to treat disc injuries. If you are suffering from back pain or leg pain, you can receive immediate relief through this method. Your physical therapist will help you with it as well.

  • Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is a kind of massage therapy, which focuses on providing relief to you with overcoming muscle tightness, which is responsible for creating muscle tenderness. With the trigger point therapy offered by a physical therapist, you will be able to get back the ordinary range of motion in your muscles and overcome pain.

  • Intersegmental traction therapy

Intersegmental traction therapy is mobilizing each vertebra to provide you with relief against neck pain and back pain. If you have been suffering from neck pain or back pain for an extended duration of time, you will be able to receive immediate relief with these treatments.

  • Corrective exercises

After an injury, it is important to go through appropriate corrective injuries to get back into normal life. This can help you to overcome the pain that you encounter as well. Your physical therapist will analyze your injury and provide you with appropriate corrective injuries to follow. You can simply keep on following those exercises to receive outstanding results.

Bad habits or practices that you follow in your day-to-day life are in a position to lead you towards many negative effects in the long run. If you want to overcome such negative effects, you need to go ahead and get the lifestyle counseling services offered by a Physical therapist. Then you will be able to introduce good lifestyle habits to your life and make sure that you are not experiencing any negative effects in the future.

Get in touch with a physical therapist who specializes in holistic medicine

As you can see, a physical therapist who specializes in holistic will help you to overcome numerous injuries that you may come across in life. Because of the increasing demand for holistic medicine, we can also see how the total number of physical therapists who practice physical therapy holistically is increasing along with time. Therefore, you will not have a challenging time when you are trying to locate an expert physical therapist and enjoy all the amazing health benefits that would come on your way.

Your physical therapist can provide you the chance to get the most out of holistic medicine. That’s because they are capable of assessing numerous contributors behind the impaired functionality of your body. Along with that, you can expect to receive proven results. On top of everything, the ability that a physical therapist would have to treat patients in a holistic way would address numerous health problems, while empowering the patients to take good care of their own health as well. That’s because they play a major role in wellness and general health education.

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